About us

We are a young delivery company who wants to stand out from the rest. We truly believe in a sustainable development and that's why the 80% of our scooters are electric, all managed by our high quality professionals to ensure that your deliveries gets to their destination as soon as possible


When you work with us, you help our environmental environment but you will also count with all the services we have for you.

Last mile service

In logistics, the last mile is a critical point, that’s why we have specialized on it, offering a high quality service

Choose when and where

Our clients can choose the time and day they want for the pick up to be done, you just have to tell us and we will be there on time!

Same-day delivery

We offer a same-day delivery service: Direct delivery, Less than an hour, 1 Hour, 2 Hours and planified.

Food delivery.

We also have a food delivery service. Choose us and your clients will have the food they love in their beloved house.

Concerted reimbursement collection service

We manage your pick up carefully, in the day and time estipulated.

One-stop shop service.

One-stop shop is an all in one service supported by an API that connects with our platform, Electric Scooters, Order Tracking, Enough employees to deliver all your orders, and own bases in all our locations.


We are always looking forward to improve so we can offer the best quality services to our clients, that's why we can proudly say we count with these advantages over our competitors

Excellent service

With us, you can ever count with: Order tracking, On time deliveries and kind employees highly quilified that will fully satisfy all your expectations.

Electric scooters

We are an eco-aware company thinking about progress, we want to push this thought inside the transport sector, that’s why the 80% of our scooters are electric. Zero emissions!

Low cost, fast and on time!

Because of our electric scooters, optimized routes and automatic order assignation, we can offer low-cost services and a super fast delivery!


Please contact us for anything you need through the phone number: 931 222 879 or filling up the following form.